The vast majority of actors trying to book jobs don't "get their break." And that's why they're not getting jobs.
They're still under the impression that all you need is a good looking headshot.

The fact of the matter is: The entertainment business has changed and with the power of the Internet, that change is here to stay and it's never been a better time to use it for your career advancement. Many producers use The Actors Depot to find fresh talent. You can be listed on The Actors Depot Database just by sending us your headshot, resume and/or a link to your video reel or website.

If you don't have a headshot, resume, reel or website, we can put them together for you. In addition to providing casting services to producers, we also provide professional image services to actors and entertainment professionals. We can create a beautiful headshot, put together your demo reel, shoot your monologue in our studio, build your website, fine-tune and polish your look to perfection with our consulting services - so that casting directors and agents can see you at your finest. 

These days the chances of finding a service like this, that is experienced with all aspects of the entertainment industry and that is passionate about their clients need are very slim.

                                  Make the right choice for your career,                                             The Actors Depot. 


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